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Power Quality in Power Supply Systems

We offer general measurement services and measurement technology and have been focusing on high-resolution measurements with high accuracy, high time resolution and synchronisation as well as high channel density. Our main focus is power quality and energy efficiency in power supply systems whereas we concentrate on international standards and norms (such as EN 50160, ISO500001) and develop instruments according to the testing standard IEC 61000-4-30 class A.  

Short-term and long-term monitoring, i.e. for exmple the analysis of the energy demand of a bulding, is a supplemenmtary part of our portfolio. With our ARTEMES measurement instruments we can also survey data such as temperature, humidity, heat quantity, wind speed or luminance.


Complex Solution for Individual Tasks


The AM-60 series is a modular solution for complex measurement tasks. The 19'' racks with integrated CPI can include up to 4 modules for voltage and current with a resolution of 24 bits and a synchronised sampling rate of 144 kSamples/sec.

several modules - integrated CPU or in-panel solution - web interface - up to 48 channels

AM-60 Datasheet


ARTEMES Software and Measurement Instruments in Action

No matter whether you need information concerning energy data managemet system for family homes or you are wondering what TERRA-MIX soil consolidation and ARTEMES software solutions have in common, the latest information on different fields of application can be found right here

When ARTEMES software and measurement instruments from ARTEMES meet each other, these combinations effect successful load profile as well as power quality analysis and make it possible to set new standards in the phasor monitoring market. You would like to know more about that.



EKOMESS - New Distributing Partner in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria

In 1994 Elektronik-Kontor established its business as distributor and specialist for testing and measurement technology and has been offering solutions tailored to suit a market need since that time. Customers can rely on perfect service and high-quality products. We are pleased to tell you that Elektronik Kontor Messtechnik GmbH now also offers ARTEMES products and is your distributing partner for ARTEMES measurement instruments in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.



Power Instruments as New Distributing Partner in Italy

ARTEMES products are meanwhile also available via Power Instruments in Italy, a distributing partner with decades of experience in electronic and electric instruments and accessories. The company specialised in measurement instruments and now also distributes ARTEMES products, such as the famous AM-10-PA2. We are looking forward to this cooperation!


CalPlus as New Distributing Partner in Germany

CalPlus is the new distributing partner for ARTEMES products in Germany. The company was established in 1999 by former Fluke sales staff members and has now several headquarters in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Cologne, Frankfurt, Mannheim and Nuremberg. It is meanwhile one of the top 3 German distributors for testing and measuring euqipment. We are looking forward to this great cooperation!


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