The arts of measuring.

We live MEASUREMENT as craftsmanship.  

Our strength is power, our expertise is automation industry 4.0. Our service are individual solutions. We offer measurement instruments for power and power quality and carry out measurements and evaluations according to international standards and norms - such as EN50160 or IEC61000-4-30. We also offer training course on these topics. 


... is the prerequisite for knowledge",

said the famous marine scientist Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Stay curious, quench your thirst for knowledge and browse through our ARTEMES blog.

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Measuring equipment for detecting faults and bottlenecks in electrical power networks | Monitoring and early warning systems


Complete networking of measurement data with data from other systems


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individuell | exklusiv




High effectiveness with as little effort as possible - that is efficiency by definition. It is close to our hearts that you can carry out your energy and production processes as efficiently as possible.


Apart from our team, our measuring instruments also show an extremely communicative side. Integrated routers and the ARTEMES server also like to chat with each other - and especially with you..

and safe. 

State-of-the-art EMC requirements, traceable accuracies and, above all, secure transmission protocols mean that we can be sure that you will get through the measurement day SAFELY.

floating on cloud nine. 

Others speak of happiness hormones and endorphins when they are floating on cloud nine, we speak of the CLOUD and mean our proven VPN network, through which the ARTEMES connects all instruments with each other and thus enables an easy, weightless exchange of data with the ARTEMES CLOUD server.

What our customers think about ARTEMES!

What or who is ARTEMES?

Founded in the year 2013 we have since then become a competent Team of passionate and ambitious employees whose goal is to MEASURE the world. We live and breathe measurement as arte[s] me[nsioni]s - craftsmanship. 

Values that count for us are trust in each other, mutual respect and appreciation, the sense of responsibility to complete projects satisfactorily and offering handshake quality. Adherence to certain values and attitudes are enormously important to us. We have also written down these values in our Code of Conduct. In addition, we are eager to define our processes precisely, make them transparent and have also been ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified since 2022.

We are partners!

Code of Conduct.

We focus on values. 


passionate | ambitious | honest 

ARTEMES ist gelistet bei ANKÖ


Wir sind bei ANKÖ in der Liste geeigneter Unternehmen angeführt.

Measuring Instruments

Our product portfolio also includes measuring devices from manufacturers such as FLUKE, SIGNALTEC or Chauvin-Arnoux.


Living the spirit of sustainability and energy efficiency, we have also been offering photovoltaic systems since 2021.

Tektronix Distribution Partner

Among other things, we are also sales partner for Tektronix in Austria

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