Power Quality Monitoring

Power quality monitoring is the most essential quality assurance tool for electrical power supply. Nowadays, it no longer only includes the voltage quality parameters according to the European product standard EN50160, but also serves as a monitoring tool for the power grids with regard to:

  • Voltage quality
  • ​Fault recorder for fast transient processes
  • Power fluctuation recorder
  • Static and dynamic stability considerations in the network
  • Load flow monitoring in transmission and distribution grid levels

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Manufacture of measuring devices for measuring faults and bottlenecks in electrical power grids, the detection or early recognition of potential faults in the grids and data measurement.

Due to our self-developed GPS synchronisation, we are able to carry out time-synchronous measurements in the higher-frequency range at several locations in order to determine the propagation of faults in this way and to detect faults even while they are still developing. In addition to phase-synchronous measurements, we can perform higher-frequency measurements and fault recordings with just one device.

The management or the transmission of the measured data takes place via secured data connections, whereby we are the only provider that can provide a secure cloud solution for the data.

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